About us:

The Wooden Koi Company was established back in 2009 by accident, thanks to our German Shepherd, Belle! Nigel had made a Japanese style wooden gate to keep her from the rest of the garden. What we hadnít realised at the time was that she was able to jump through two of the gaps within the gate. So as a measure to prevent the little scamp from doing this Nigel cut out the shape of two Koi in wood and Maggie painted them and fitted them within the gaps.

Since then friends, family and visitors to our home have often asked us about the painted Koi in the gate and asked where they could get them for themselves. When we started to make them for family and friends, they often suggested that we looked to selling them online.

Later that same year we started to make more of the Koi to sell within online auction sites and it has grown ever since, with the introduction of various animal plaques, Japanese symbols and bespoke designs and personalised signs.

Now we sell our Wooden Koi products around the world and travel around the UK selling our hand made items at various Koi shows.

And Belle still managed to escape up the garden path by jumping over the gate. Oh well.

Find us on facebook! - https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/226648810735532/

Meet Maggie:

Maggie is our highly skilled artist and is responsible for the designs and fine art paintings, plagues and drawings here at the Wooden Koi Company.

Maggie is a self taught artist, a skill that she discovered and continued to develop from a young age. Her passion for sharing her skills and work with others started when she worked as a craft tutor and craft demonstrator in a renowned arts and craft store. This led to her taking her enjoyment of art into local primary schools, helping to design fun murals within the schools and organising craft sessions with the children.

Maggie has also worked for a bespoke design company in the past, creating mascot heads, theatre props and signs, all skill which she has brought with her to the Wooden Koi Company.

In 2006, Maggie completed a photoshop course, adding computer design to her portfolio of work.

Within the Wooden Koi Company, Maggie is responsible for the designing the templates on the PC, and painting the artwork up to the finished product.

Meet Nigel

Nigel has kept Koi (and mischievous dogs!) for a number of years. He has a vast knowledge of various Koi types and patterns, making this partnership with our artist Maggie unique. Nigel is skilled at woodwork and cuts out the designs, prepares them for painting and fits any final mounts. He is responsible for all of the marketing of the plaque sales, negotiating the orders, and has built, designed and maintained the website. Nigel also organises the busy event calendar for the Wooden Koi Company and the shows they attend.
Perhaps his most important job is ensuring that Maggie is kept well fuelled with cups of tea.

Both Nigel and Maggie relish a challenge, so no bespoke request is too big or too small. Simply get in contact with us with your request and we will see how we can make your personal request a reality.

Meet Belle

When she is not trying to take credit for the creation of the Wooden Koi Company, she is responsible for all of the security, and regular breaks and fusses.